Wednesday, November 26, 2014

OOTN | White

I love to wear black but recently I have started getting into white (oooo color!). I love this outfit and I thought I would share it with you <3

The shoes are from Aldo and they were on sale! I have been on the lookout for the perfect nude heels for about a month now because I need them for graduation and I finally found them last night. Love!

I purchased this statement necklace at H&M in Munich, Germany this summer and I have literally worn it every single time I have gone out. My cousin actually picked it out for me, which also makes it more special.

I suck at putting outfits together so I was pretty proud of myself for this one :) Plus, I was getting a bit tired of wearing sweatpants everywhere!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homeware Wishlist

Recently I have gotten into interior design. I am attracted to minimalist interiors. I like things clean, simple, white, black, and with hints of copper. I have this huge urge to redesign my bedroom with these ideas in mind.

I spend endless hours on the Pinterest, Ikea, and H&M Home websites on the lookout for pieces that I would want to add to my room and the place I am most in when I am home. I feel like your room should represent you and your style, which is something my room is lacking.

So, I put together a collage of a few things I feel like would be the perfect addition to my space...

One. Diptyque Scented Candle Vanilla ($60) - I have seen these all over Pinterest and Tumblr. They are very elegant candles and have many different scents to choose from. The price is what throws me off so if anybody knows of a candle with a similar design for a fraction of the price please let me know!

Two.RANARP Work Lamp ($39.99) - The lamp that started it all. I mean this lamp is literally me, me, me. It's white, gold, and has a little bit of black and white detail on the cord fabric. I am in love with it. (Is it okay to be in love with a lamp?) Plus, it is from one of my favorite stores Ikea. I love lamp.

Three. Metal Tray ($19.95) - Sticking with the gold/copper accents this would be a perfect piece to place my perfumes and other little knick knack's on.

Four. Black & White Print ($13) - Right now my walls are pretty bare and by pretty bare I mean they have nothing on them. Cute prints like this with simple sayings would fill up the gaps and remind me to enjoy the simple things.

Five. Fake Plant ($14.99) - To break up the very simple colors in the room I want to add a little bit of green through fake plants and real cacti. This was one I found on polyvore but I know that Ikea has a great collection. Plus plants (even fake ones) make you feel alive!

Six. Cotton Pillow ($5.95) - Is it called a pillow or a a cushion or both? Anyway, I love to have a lot of pillows/cushions on my bed because they make it extra home-y and comfortable. And I mean it's black and white.

Seven. Linen Duvet Set ($99) - The one I have on my bed right is for a twin size bed and I have a queen size bed. So, I would like a bigger duvet to to feel like I am laying in a big cozy marshmallow!

Eight. Metal Candle Holder ($4.95) - It would add more copper detail into the room plus candles always make the room feel more cozy.

Nine. Wall Decor ($84.99) - Hello major trend that everyone is taking part of, I would like to take part of you as well! And it fills in more gaps.

Ten. Glass Candlestick ($3.95) - Yes, please. More copper and more candles.

Eleven. Pillow ($5.95) - More pillows!

Twelve. Glass Jar ($9.95) - I have a few glass pieces in my collection right now and I they give the perfect simple yet clean look that I love. This one has a gold lid, which is the perfect touch. Though, I still need to figure out what I would put into it.

Hopefully I can get this project rolling after graduation because I know I will be hibernating for a few weeks to congratulate myself for finishing university. And what is better hibernation than hibernation in a space you feel proud of. 

If you see any pieces that you think I might like please tell because I am always looking for more ideas.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Daydreaming of a Place Called Home

Let's start off by saying that my summer this year was one of the best I have had. The memories have filled me with complete happiness and peace. Though, they have also filled me with longing for that place, home. 

I know I wanted to blog anything and everything while I was there from May to August of this year but let's just say that I was living in the moment and taking everything in. So, I am here today to recap my trip and share my wonderful memories with a lot of pictures. (Yay!)

My trip started May 11th bright and early that morning. Three plane rides and a four hour car ride later I was finally home on May 12th. After my arrival on May 14th the worst floods and landslides hit the country. There was devastating damage happening all around. At this point I was very sick and could barely get up but I remember looking out of the window (our house is further up on the mountain) and seeing the river I could barely see before turn into something that looked like a lake. I witnessed from that very window my cousin get air lifter out of her house because there was no other way out. We did not have electricity for one week and I believe it took two weeks for our water to get turned back on. It was one of the worst experiences I have lived through but I can only imagine what it felt like for my friends and family who were directly affected by the water. However horrible the situation was I did not regret coming, which was something many people asked me. I felt a sense of togetherness and every greater appreciation for my country.

It continued raining most of time that I was there though we did get some sunny days. I spent my time being lazy and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Here is the view from my cousins back porch. Breathtaking. 

Some random pictures I took around their house, which is only a short five minute walk from mine.

Some random pictures I took around my house because you have to document everything for family back in the states!

Believe it or not our backyard actual stretches all the way back except there is like snakes (yuck) and things that made me never want to explore that part by myself.

This  is a wood burning stove, also known as my best friend because it is what kept me and my house warm on all of those rainy days, which are nothing like rainy days in Arizona.

The beast of a machine that got me around to wherever I wanted to go!

The beast of a machine that I got to learn how to drive because in this part of the world people still drive manual cars! There were some scary situations in this car so I would like to take my time now to formally apologize to anyone in the car with me or any of the cars around me. ;)

I am a firm believer that family is everything. It is happiness and endless fun times.

I went on a few trips and I want to start with my trip to Sarajevo. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosna i Hercegovina. I was only there for a few hours dropping my uncle off at the airport but I got to take in some of the best views of the city.

The Srebrenica - Potocari Memorial and Cemetery for the victims of the genocide was my next trip. This was a hard thing to do, a very hard thing to do..

Germany has been a place I have wanted to travel to for a long time. Finally, on this trip I got to do just that. The perks of having family all over the world!

If you made it all the way through this long post thank you for allowing me to share with you my beautiful country!