Monday, March 31, 2014

Still Wondering..

Hello world.. in case you are wondering who I am and what this page that you are on is all about, well then I guess today is your lucky day (or mine) because I finally got the guts to do this and share with you my world.

I like to keep things pretty simple in life and in general so this so called about me post will be simple too! My name is Dina and I enjoy all things travel and tourism related.. hence my super creative (*wink wink*) blog name of Dina Wanders. Another one of my hobbies is photography.. amateur photography.. which also ties in with the idea of me starting this creative space. This blog was going to be originally about my summer trip of studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic while also making pit stops in Germany and Bosnia after my program was to be complete. Life happened and plans changed and now I am going to be speeding three months away in my home country, Bosnia! This calls for a whole lot of memories and a whole lot of sharing of those memories through photographs and a spillage of words on this site. Along with the posts here, I will also be making it a goal of mine to film daily and post it to my YouTube channel. I want to capture all of my memories so that when I am an old little lady I can read and watch back what I have done not just to merely exist but to live! I also want to share them with you so that I can connect with people who have the same interests as I and hopefully create content that will keep you at least a little bit interested! 

Putting together a site like this and starting a YouTube channel is something that has always peaked my interest because I am always spending all of my time on these two sites and it is something that I really enjoy doing. An inspiration blog site has been Lolim Te! I love all of their posts especially when they post about their travel adventures. Though, the main reason I decided to stop being fearful and start my blog is because a friend of mine, Kai, started her own blog recently and just went with it, which has motivated me to do so as well!

My wonderful vacation will begin May 11th and until then I plan to put any randomness that comes to mind on this site!

Maybe that wasn't so simple, in fact, but the words just kept coming! I hope you are ready to join me on my adventure. Do you have any travel tips? Also any blogging tips would be helpful for this journey!