Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Travel Thinking

Ćao world! 

As mentioned in my first post ever my summer vacation will be three months long, which is a lot of time to do a lot of things. I want to write my goals or more so a bucket list down for my time in Bosnia because the first step of mastering and achieving goals is blogging about them duh!

My summer is going to look a whole lot like this..

But also a whole lot like this..

My goals/bucket list!

  • Play outside everyday!
  • Pick cherries right from the tree
  • Daily vlog on my YouTube channel
  • Blog at least three times a week
  • Go down to the fresh water hole at least two times a week
  • Milk a cow with my bare hands!
  • Take as many pictures as possible and bring my camera everywhere
  • Go to the swimming pool when the weather allows
  • Master my cooking skills.. I am going to be living alone eeeek
  • Meet at least five new people
  • Explore Doboj
  • Go to the "Park Prinčeva" restaurant in Sarajevo.. this place has the most amazing views!
  • Take a bus all the way to Munich, Germany
  • Spend time sketching
  • Visit all of my family members at least once.. there is like fifty million of them
  • Go to cafes and drink cappuccinos 
  • Invite people over to my house to drink coffee.. very cultural thing to do
  • Chase chickens.. more fun to do than it sounds I promise!
  • Have as many sleepovers as possible
  • Never say no to adventure

This list is a bunch of random points but things that I truly hope to accomplish during this time! 


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  1. I want to go with youuuu!!!! You're gonna live alone?!