Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten Favorite Things

"To be wise, a man should read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles." - Li Bai

Travel is something I have always believed in. It creates memories, adds new perspectives into your life, and lets you explore this huge world we all live in! So, when my friend Kailey told me about a link up that one of her blogger friends was doing I knew I had to participate.

My first ever link up is with Brianna from Endlessly Beloved and this months topic is ten favorite things.. travel edition! Wooooo yeaaaah!

One. Being inside of the airport. I am a people watcher (not in a creepy way!) and airports are filled with emotions of people reuniting and people separating. It just makes me really happy to see people love people lol!

Two. Exploring a new hiking trail in the destination I am at. Being surrounded by nature tickles my insides in a happy way.

Three. Watching the sunset from a new location. This is such a calming feeling if you ever need something relaxing to do while traveling.

Four. The deeper bonds created with the people traveling with you on road trips! There is something so real about the connections made and the openness allowed by being stuck in a car with somebody.

Five. Collecting souvenirs from the places I have visited. The types of souvenirs I love to buy are little representations of the major landmark of a city. I have a snow globe from Chicago with the Chicago skyline in it, a statue of Liberty from New York, the Eiffel Tower from Paris, and a little palm tree from some island my friend got for me in middle school! All of these souvenirs sit in the same area of my room and it just makes me happy looking at them.

Six. Taking pictures of anything and everything and then looking back at those pictures when I get back home from my trip.

Seven. Finding cute little cafes to enjoy.

Eight. Going to less touristy areas and pretending that I live there. This is always fun for me because it's like a whole new world and I get to do weird things without people knowing who I am! ..Maybe I am a creep!

Nine. The first step off of the last airplane on my way home back to Bosnia (which is a 24 hour journey btw!). This is where all of the feels come out and I begin to feel my happiest because I know that I am finally in my happy place!

Ten. Meeting new people because people are awesome.

Writing all of this out really made me miss traveling. Luckily my three month long trip back home to Bosnia and Europe is only six days away for me! I am beyond excited that it does not even feel real and I have not even packed my bags yet ahhhh! I love traveling and I loved doing this link up.. Thank you Brianna for coming up with the awesome ten favorite things idea!

This was so fun!


  1. So true about all of these. I like to visit 'local' areas too and I think its cool that the sun sets in every country and its nice to look at it no matter what country you're in! Here from the link up! Happy Monday!

  2. Hey girl! I loved this, thank you for joining in the fun! I love #3. That's such a unique one!! And I'm totally a people watcher too…so many interesting people at airports haha!

  3. I love going to less touristy areas too! It's fun to see how the real locals live rather than what you see in the parts that are set up for tourists. Discovering small, local stores and restaurants is super cool.

  4. Owww, love #10. Such a great list and pics to go with it!! Keep travelling :)
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  5. Wow, 24 hours??? That's a long trip!!!!